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Travel prices began to fall: domestic travel has fallen 20% - 40% price cut up to 6 into hotel

Date: 2018-02-20

18, reporters learned from travel agencies, with fewer traffic, tour prices fell back from today, the lunar New Year holiday during the second half of the first part of the starting price is generally fell by 20% - 40%, the highest drop of more than one thousand yuan, the next day or two paid will revert to normal level.

Wen Shuang GuangZhiLv domestic travel center general manager, said after the Spring Festival period, guangzhou to domestic popular tourist cities ticket have fallen significantly, more discounts from the early stage of the Spring Festival golden week 8 fold to full price back to 3 to 5 fold, hotel prices are cut at the same time, so the price will appear two consecutive wave back.First four midway through the Spring Festival (19) has begun to play price average is the Spring Festival in (on the first day - 3) has a 15% - 20% decline, and in the next few days back gradually, NianChuQi (22) further decline to 30% - 30%, after the return to normal levels.

Because of golden week late customers reduce, guangdong region hotel prices will begin after five (19) from the beginning of the year for a "price boom," basic recovery normal price, among them, the largest decline is golden week rose rapidly in Hong Kong and Macao region of luxury hotel, part of the price drop is as high as 60%;Five star standard luxury hotels, many also is one thousand yuan or so, there is a deal.According to usual practice, guangdong mini-vacations early peak will maintain to five (19), then paid began to fall, and gradually restore to the normal price.