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From grey to take away to the sun, is the home stay facility industry good time is coming?

Date: 2018-02-24

Comply with the home stay facility development of tourism forms, the national tourism administration issued the basic requirements and evaluation of home stay facility in the magazine on October 1, 2017 formally implemented, for the first time to define the home stay facility.Guangdong, zhejiang, fujian and other places are also in the form of local laws and regulations to guide the development of home stay facility, support and specification.Ever suspicious of identity, the home stay facility start time and time again in state and local policies and regulations, the home stay facility industry from "small fire simmer" when the "red" for a while?

  Sunlight hits on the flowers and trees, the houses in the landscape, languid is lazy yard, dog and cat in.Blue bricks WaWu, gravel yard, host, such as friends, situated at random.Impression of home stay facility as if is like this.Domestic home stay facility as early as in some ancient town, and later settled in the shan, beach, city, town, have sprung up, and to develop into a completely different from hotel, and there is different from that of the inn.

  Under the hot market of cold crisis

  Facing the sea, shenzhen mirs bay fishing village on the Banks of JiaoChang end just a few short years, from an unknown sea fishing village, become the "home town".

  Six years ago to JiaoChang tail wang is one of the first operator of home stay facility.When some travelers because of the original "wild mountains and the sea" to stay here.After a short span of five or six years, JiaoChang tail of home stay facility soared to 376, distributed in two or three kilometers long coastline.

  Dapeng new style tourism Liao Chuanxi introduction, JiaoChang tail in dapeng peninsula existing home stay facility, 1182, 11447 rooms, 18048 beds, dapeng district tourism accommodation accounted for the overall reception capacity of more than 65%.

  The home stay facility to feelings start to the business, revitalize the originally to tourism ecological village town, the local residents.Community tourism revenues from scratch, every move beyond the $one hundred million mark.The original residents pay dividends from the end of 2009, less than 900 yuan per capita, increased to 3000 yuan.

  But the home stay facility, problem comes.

  The first is overheating, lead to profit prospects uncertain.According to the calculation, dapeng new home 0.65 per wan tourism population correspond to the home stay facility, gulangyu island 0.37 home, west lake scenic area 0.21 home are much higher.Investors flocking and high frequency transfer, making the local-style dwelling houses rent a rising tide lifts all boats, the average monthly rent 14000 yuan, almost is the highest in China.

  The second is new operator level is uneven.The past "feelings, a good story and friendly service" of the home stay facility management pattern is destroyed, the operator is no longer in order to manage the way of their dream operation home stay facility, under the high input is urgent expectation of high returns, imitate, churning out everywhere.

  By contrast, visitors apparently more calm.Wang said that the home stay facility quantity increased 10 times in five years, residents did not increase so much, even fell 3% - 3% each year over the last two years.

  Management has been involved in six card is difficult

  In order to promote the orderly development of the home stay facility industry, some management measures are adopted gradually.

  Dapeng introduced new city two years ago the dapeng dorm administrators manage way to new people (try out) ", the home stay facility access is not set up the administrative licensing or examination and approval, but a "community autonomy, self-discipline, to supervise, territory as a whole" management principles, to avoid the management level of the government's "own".

  This method not only makes the home stay facility with "birth certificate", also promote the establishment of the first domestic association of home stay facility.Association and hand in hand, the administrative department to develop the new home stay facility industry standards, making the home stay facility industry self-discipline and disciplinary measures, released the new home stay facility industry self-discipline and the home stay facility industry negative list, specification industry integrity self-discipline management of home stay facility.Since the end of 2016 the association to mediate and so on more than 20 times.To promote the healthy development of the home stay facility.

  But "method" is not "perfect".Its key requirements for home stay facility management is put forward, the fire safety appraisal files, housing security identification, agree with the home stay facility operation certificate, the home stay facility operation responsibility agreement, the business license, certificate of join association of home stay facility and so on six complete card - card shell.Although the government time banned without six card management, but in the past two years, more than 90% of the home stay facility was still six certificate.

  Dapeng new vice chairman of the home stay facility Dong Shujing is introduced, the villagers home stay facility rental houses, more than 90% can not meet the fire safety appraisal of security and housing demand.To amount to mark, fire and building safety input to double.In general for a period of 6 years during the lease term, the owners on the one hand, worry about short-term close not back to the cost, and no confidence to long-term business, not into, so we have to play "word strategics".

  Dong Shujing said, considering the characteristics of the home stay facility industry, and the difficulty of the investment and the cycle, need to find a way to accepted.

  A good time to seize the industry development

  Travel in Europe has a set of mature standards and measures for the management of home stay facility, and formed a huge industry.

  In the 60 s of the last century, as the economic recovery, the French urban population out of town on holiday demand more and more strong, rural farmers to rebuild the houses and barns, formed the early French home stay facility.The French government covers an area of the home stay facility, equipment configuration, all has the strict request, such as environmental health every five years for an evaluation.Good management has formed a huge industry, now the French federation of home stay facility contains 6 m home stay facility, each year the turnover of 2 billion euros (14 billion yuan), at the same time provide 3100 jobs.

  The hotel service industry has the highest score in Europe, while that of the home stay facility was 15% higher than their own hotel.

  Evaluation standard and evaluation system, and it is an industry the essential elements of ascension.

  After many years development, our country home stay facility industry started from gray to take away in the sun.State and local policies and regulations begin to pay close attention to and guide, this is the best time to an industry.

  Last November, guangdong issued regulations on the tourism in guangdong province, to who, what kind of business, who's planning, guidance, what is the way, there were lifetimes.Also made clear the regulations shall be implemented for home stay facility registration, the home stay facility construction style rules, emphasized the humanistic connotation of the home stay facility.

  Guangzhou travel industry association secretary-general GuMingDe said, in the form of local rules and regulations to guide, support and standardize the development of a home stay facility, to some extent, to fill the gaps in guangdong tourism management rules and regulations of a home stay facility.Today, the development of guangdong home stay facility concentration is not enough, the brand image is not outstanding, lingnan characteristics is not distinct.Rejuvenation can combine block development, the use of vacant.The government's support of the industry differ is limited to the capital, and the perfection of form a complete set of policies and regulations, infrastructure construction, the content of promotion and so on.