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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Christian's Hotel Luoyang, L'hotel è situato nel centro commerciale di Luoyang. Come centro del centro di Luoyang, l'hotel è supportato da Xinduhui shopping Park, la sede principale di Luoyang Peony flory fair negli anni di Wangcheng Park a ovest, il paradiso Tang Mingtang scenic spot di Luoyang City National Heritage Park nel Sui and Dynasties a est, jiuzhouchi scenic spot, e la stazione di trasferimento di Luoyang Metro Line 1 e linea 2, circa 5 minuti di passeggiata (in costruzione settimana), circaWangfujing Department store, caffè Starbucks, cinema Oscar Xindu, ecc. possono essere raggiunti in circa cinque minuti di cammino.
Questo è un moderno e semplice hotel di business boutique a tema stile urbano, costruito con precisione un 360 grado di cucina panoramica a tenda di vetro, aderendo al concetto centrale di 'customer request-oriented, fornendo prodotti e servizi di alta qualità' e gestito con cura, che ha vinto l'alto riconoscimento e la buona reputazione della maggior parte degli ospiti e dell'industria del catering.Con il suo unico servizio di pesce, il ristorante è nato nell'industria alimentare di Luoyang. Il granchio volante, il Salmone Frozen, il conch, la scaloppina e il gambero provengono tutti da rinomati fondali di pesca cinesi per garantire la freschezza e la purezza dei piatti.
Sin dall'apertura dell'hotel, aderendo al concetto fondamentale di 'customer request-oriented, fornendo prodotti e servizi di alta qualità', i dipendenti di Kristen si sforzano di soddisfare le esigenze personalizzate di ogni cliente, in modo che ogni cliente possa trovare la loro 'casa fuori dalla casa', sperando che il servizio di alta qualità, familiare amichevole può rendere gli ospiti in Kristen hotelLasciate un buon ricordo e una storia da raccontare.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Luoyang Airport?

    Christian's Hotel Luoyang si trova a 7.8km dall'aeroporto.

  • Christian's Hotel Luoyang offre un servizio di pick-up?

    Sì, vi preghiamo di contattarci dopo la prenotazione.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Christian's Hotel Luoyang?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 14:00 presso Christian's Hotel Luoyang.

  • Christian's Hotel Luoyang dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    L'hotel dispone di una palestra ma senza piscina. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Christian's Hotel Luoyang dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Christian's Hotel Luoyang dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Christian's Hotel Luoyang accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Christian's Hotel Luoyang accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Christian's Hotel Luoyang?

    La colazione è di CNY99 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Christian's Hotel Luoyang?

    I prezzi partono da CNY599, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • rmbbwi
    No hotel has a better service than this one. I'm very satisfied with other problems with Wi Fi this time! Highly recommended!
  • dandan01030
    The hotel service is indeed of 'Haidilao' level. After arriving at the hotel, they sent a lot of food, rich breakfast, business trips and free cars to the airport
    It's really a nice hotel. Service really has no to say, everywhere intimate, let people's hearts have unspeakable touched! Service must be super five stars! I'll choose it next time!
  • cuidai
    Everything is good, everything is good
  • aliceyangjie
    It's good to present all kinds of snacks and fruits
  • esabella
    Great hotel, especially service, great!
  • bleed13
    The service is excellent, the supplies are complete, and the restaurant is delicious. The most touching thing is that after reading my ID card and knowing my birthday, I silently sent a birthday cake? I'm so moved to recommend it to all my friends. This hotel has a great experience
  • e00026106
    There is no better hotel than this one. I like it very much!!!
  • e00080266
    When I went, the central air conditioning didn't work. I got a fan. It was really hot
  • sibaiyin
    All very well. Service breakfast location
  • danerj007
    Great service, great breakfast
  • benjamin123456
    This hotel is highly recommended. First of all, the location is very good. There are many local restaurants around. Although the hotel facilities are not five-star luxury, they are also clean and shared. It's an administrative suite, which is equivalent to one room, one hall and two bathrooms. The space is reasonable and the family is very comfortable. The key point is to talk about the service of the hotel. It's amazing? The free high-speed rail airport pick-up service. The hotel staff called me the other afternoon to confirm the time and explained it carefully. When I got on the high-speed rail station, the master called to confirm the boarding place. As soon as I got on the train, I even prepared dessert and fruit. The front desk was very smooth and friendly. There are a lot of snacks and drinks delivered to the guest room at the appointed time every day. There are also cooked instant noodles and eggs and vegetables (because Luoyang snacks are so good, the waiter didn't deliver them?). The waiters will be careful to call a taxi for you. There are a lot of surprise services. Let's experience them.
  • nicolejn
    Very good service
  • liupu0316
    The first evaluation of my son's staying in the hotel is: excellent service, super five-star service, rich breakfast, shuttle service, and excellent recommended travel fare master!
  • icecream_1982
    Although the facade is general and the appearance of the Express Hotel, the room facilities are still clean. I have to mention its hotel service, which is the best hotel I have ever met! This is what we are most satisfied with in Luoyang
  • aligu
    Convenient near the hotel
  • FSVLee
    The best hotel in Luoyang
  • Annin
    The service of the hotel is very good. It's worthy of being Haidilao in the hotel. Breakfast is also very rich
  • luojane
    The service is really good. The room is super large and the facilities are perfect. I will definitely come here next time I check in
  • star67
    The service is considerate, very humane and considerate. You are at home. You will come again if you have a chance!
  • e03364740
    Good environment! Good hygiene!
  • glotex
    The service was very, very good, but the surrounding environment was too messy.
  • star377
    Excellent hotel, good service, no friends, good quality of toiletries, can be rated as a super five star hotel
  • nfgxfofo
    The service here is really excellent!
  • Am Jia Qi
    The location is very easy to find. There are many shops around. It's very convenient to buy things. It's very quiet to sleep at night, and the service attitude is very good. There's a nice little gift. The cleaning is very clean. Next time I will choose here.
  • fengliuliu
    The hotel provides six-star service, fruits and drinks are delivered every day, as well as free laundry and transfer machine. There are also small gifts for the shuttle, very attentive. The waiters are very friendly, from the front desk to the restaurant, each of them is polite. It's worth recommending. I will stay in this hotel when I go to Luoyang.
  • junejia
    Very good service, worth recommending! Next time I come to Luoyang, I will stay here
  • beny7642
    It's a great hotel. The hardware is in place. The service is friendly and appropriate. Every day, there are fruits, drinks and 2 free clothes to clean. We stayed in the page room, there are many page elements, and children like it very much.
  • e01310505
    Very good service.
  • louguixia
    The service of the hotel is very delicate. The quality of the service staff is very good. I give full marks for the service. In terms of facilities, if the power control panel doesn't show blue light at night, it's perfect
  • solomonlam
    The hotel air conditioning noise is quite loud, I didn't fall asleep all night, and the problem of response was solved in time.
  • brian
    Good service, good breakfast. The location is very good in the absolute center of Luoyang. Three kilometers to the old city, more than ten kilometers to Longmen Inn, more than 20 kilometers to Baima temple.
  • roylee
    It's good. It's not a step back
  • ann6818
    Breakfast is very rich, the hotel is in the center There is a parking lot??? Suitable for bringing children The service was very friendly Very thoughtful Everything is perfect It's worth recommending
  • sunnypalm32
    Already commented, very good, direct renewal one day!
  • allendotwu
    Breakfast is general, can add bed, suitable for taking children, hotel location also belongs to the city center. General facilities, only 4-star standard, but, service is absolutely 6-star!! Service attitude, considerate and comprehensive. It's really Haidilao's service! The basic needs can be met. There are very few such service standards in China. There is also a free transfer machine, two t's per day for free washing and ironing. Very considerate, very satisfied
  • albion99
    The service of this hotel is considerate, meticulous and smiling. Take the initiative to pick up and deliver the service. After getting on the bus, the driver's master handed over clean hot towels to let us clean our hands and prepared a delicious cake and fruit for everyone. When arriving at the hotel, all the service staff are smiling and greeting actively. The reception staff at the front desk has issued a wayward card to choose their favorite snacks, fruits and drinks. The room attendant saw that I had medicine on the bedside table, and prepared a medicine box for me to carry. Because of your service, our family fell in love with Luoyang. thank you!
  • jdxxjd
    Great experience!
  • spoon0532
    Breakfast is rich in content, service attitude is very good, very friendly
  • cloudan
    Some people say that I didn't believe it before because a hotel fell in love with a city, but this time I did. This hotel is the best hotel I've stayed in so far, not one of them. Maybe there is a gap between hardware and other top-grade hotels, but the service really gives me a sense of God. Not to mention the courtesy of all the waiters, you can choose all kinds of fruits, drinks and snacks when you check in at the front desk and send them to the guest room when you need them. There is an unlimited supply of bottled water here. In addition, there is a magic number 66, which is basically not too outrageous to call in the room. An incredible stay experience Luoyang, I will come again!
  • lys0881
    Friends travel, very good service! I'll think about that next time
  • cingrala
    A local hotel in Luoyang feels very good. The service attitude is particularly good. It's a little surprising that so many international hotels have such a good customer experience in Luoyang. I can feel that the management team is very attentive in the service. From the guidance of parking security, the hand towel, ID card cover, room guide, welcome fruit, and the enthusiasm of the waiter to see the guests are all very attentive. Although the room facilities are not very good, but the price in Luoyang is very good, fully enough to meet personal needs. Breakfast is closed at 10 o'clock. The restaurant even calls to deliver breakfast to the room when it doesn't use breakfast. The customer experience is excellent, so I recommend it!
  • funan742003
    More than 100 points of appreciation. Before booking the hotel, I wonder why there is only one negative evaluation for the hotel in the area until I check in the hotel In the beginning, I finally realized what is the service-oriented hotel. From welcoming fruits, drinks, refreshments, hot food, it allows you to select and prepare completely, enter the room, and the design and decoration feel is more exquisite and extraordinary, and the goods prepared for the passengers are more considerate. This time, I didn't book breakfast because I was in a hurry to visit the scenic spot. When I left the hotel, the hotel prepared a box of meals, which really made me feel very thoughtful. I highly recommend you
  • usmc21917
    The environment, the service,
  • lijiaj111
    I chose this hotel because I read the reviews and said it's a very good service. It's a service like Haidilao, but I found it's really very good after I stayed. I choose a lot of breakfast. Every day, there are all kinds of delicious and drinkable gift cards, and two clothes can be washed free of charge every day. Free appointment service is available at the transfer station Anyway infinite good! Next time I go to Luoyang, I'm sure I'll stay in this hotel~
  • dong69
    The service attitude was very good. The room layout is very warm, the restaurant is very good!
  • cicilei
    that's OK. There are a lot of value-added services, after all, the unit price is also there
  • vessian
    Friends recommend hotels, mainly to accompany their parents to see peonies in Luoyang. They chose a lot of hotels. The last one they booked, however, was not disappointed. The environment was really good, although the price was small and expensive!
  • fayegong
    Nice room, clean and sanitary
  • agirl
    Breakfast is really great! Bedding is also very comfortable. The location is the center of the city, and the service is super intimate. I'll stay next time